Are you looking to promote or advertise your company, product, service, or a special sale? Vinyl is the way to go. Being highly versatile, durable, and easy to display, personalized vinyl signs present themselves as a cost-effective and effort-efficient marketing strategy. They are not only cheap to print but help you expose any message to as many as thousands of motorists and pedestrians every day.

Although vinyl banners play a great role in catching your customers’ attention, making your custom signs speak effortlessly for your business takes more than just colorful graphics and big offers. It’s imperative to identify a strategic location for your banner, secure it properly and take good care of it to increase its cost per impression. Not sure how to go about it? We’ve got you covered.

Banner Placement is Just as Important as Design

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or at a great trade show booth, you need to ensure maximum visibility for your promotion. Choosing locations with high human traffic or places where people often gather is a good idea. Busy crossings, roadways, and heavily trafficked thoroughfares are some of the best places that are likely to attract the attention of the highest number of customers. Walking areas of special events and shopping spots in and around your community are also a good contenders for placing personalized vinyl signs. Whatever location you choose, the main objective is to ensure that your well-thought-out sign gets a spot where everyone can see and interpret it with ease.


Proper Installation and Set-Up Matters

Besides optimum placement, it’s crucial that you secure your personalized vinyl sign properly setup. And luckily enough, vinyl banners are super easy to display. Typically, ropes, bungee cords, or zip ties are what you need to install the signs. Bolts and screws are sometimes useful, especially when attaching the banner to a more rigid surface like drywall. For retractable vinyl banners, however, it’s vital to use them with caution. Retracting the sign into the metal stand carefully will protect the vinyl material from any potential damage in between use. To get the most life out of your banner, be sure to avoid placing it in a location that doesn’t get a lot of extreme sunlight or the elements. Consider taking it down when you’re expecting a serious windstorm. That way, your vinyl banner will keep advertising your business for years to come.

Care and Maintenance

You’ve invested money, effort and time into getting that awesome vinyl banner in the display. Although it’s resistant to moisture and humidity, you want to keep it looking its best and increase its lifespan. Thankfully, reviving the show-stopping radiance of vinyl banners is pretty easy. It requires little or no ongoing care and maintenance. With just a mild soap, you can gently scrub with a non abrasive cloth or just spray with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe clean. This will ensure that your sign always put the best first impression, draw attention to your business, and keep customers – revenue - rolling in.


Vinyl Sign Printing Near Me

Whether you require a custom banner with logo, a small sign to show off some merchandise, or a gigantic piece to hang from the façade of your business, Printmoz can help you print exactly that. Upload your print-ready file on our online ordering system to get started. If you have any question or require further info on vinyl banners ready to for print, our staff are waiting on the line to work with you. Give us a call!


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